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Eco fashion from australia

Pushing the boundaries of eco fashion, Bestowed is 100% Australian made and uses only pure cotton fabrics, so it is naturally vegan friendly.

Our environmental footprint is minimised by producing locally as our patternmakers, cutters and sewers all work within a 30km radius of our studio on the outskirts of Brisbane. Certified organic cotton knit fabrics are sourced within Australia and are produced to the highest environmental standards in the world.

As well as striving for a zero waste studio, we generate solar power and harvest rainwater that is used to prewash each Bestowed garment. Prewashing means your garment is ready to be worn, any excess dye is removed and no surprise shrinkage when you first wash your new garment. 

All our garments are designed to be easy wear, mix and match pieces. Perfect as a travel wardrobe as they can be quickly washed and air dried, with no ironing required.

Bestowed is a healthy fashion choice, both for you and the environment.

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