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Welcome to the Bestowed lifestyle blog, a place where we can educate our customers on our vegan clothing range. While it's mostly about the clothes, bestowed is more than a clothing label, it represents a lifestyle which we want to explore through our blog.

The identity of Bestowed is born from Sarah's love of natural fibers and only contains beautiful soft cotton garments, just perfect to wear any time but especially on summer holidays.

The story starts back in 2011 when friends of Sarah's came back from a holiday in Vietnam and told her they needed very light cotton clothes, that could be washed in a hotel room and mixed and matched easily to save on luggage.

All garments are 100% Australian designed and made, we also pre-wash all the garments at our studio in Brisbane. They do not come individually wrapped in plastic as many other organic cotton collections do when they are produced overseas and shipped to Australia.

Bestowed garments suit many shapes and sizes and women of any ages.  I make garments that I want to wear, they must be comfortable and must feel beautiful on your skin. This is a very personal label for me as I make many of the patterns myself, sew the samples and style the photo shoots.                                                                                                                                                                                              
- Sarah (designer)

Only producing 1-2 collections per year, Bestowed was created on the values of slow fashion.  We are currently in the midst of designing the pre-summer collection, a mid year collection produced every few years. 

The above images give an insight into the process of producing the Bestowed label. Updates on the progress of Bestowed pre-summer #7 will be posted on here, so keep an eye out!

jason hodoniczky