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I was doing my weekly cracker baking this weekend and thought it would be a good idea to share the recipe as I always get asked for it.

They can be made with different seeds, different spices, different flour, oils etc but this batch was made with the following.

100g Sunflower Seeds

20g Sesame Seeds

20g Linseed

30g Chia seeds

65g Buckwheat Flour

2 Tbsp Avocado Oil or Olive Oil

A shake of Paprika , cracked black Pepper and Salt or any spices you like. Cayenne is nice for a hot burst.

1/2 - 3/4 cup water

Mix the Flours, Seeds, Spices and Oil in a bowl or use a Thermomix on speed 3-4 to work the oil into the dry ingredients.

Add water and mix well. I leave it a few mins to let the Chia swell up.

Spread onto a baking tray, I use the one that came with my Miele oven which means I don't need to grease it, making the job really easy. I use a silicon spatula to smooth the mix all over the tray, dipping the spatula in water to stop the mix sticking to it.

Once it's a thin as I can get it and covers the tray, I like to crack some Himalayan pink Salt on top and then cook in 160 degrees C oven for 10 mins.

Take the tray out and score it into small squares, put back into the oven for 12 mins

Bring out again, break into small squares, put back into oven for a final 10 mins

Let them cool down on the tray before storing in an air tight container.

Below I have some pics showing the process in reverse order. That way you see the yummy end result first.

Cheers and happy baking,