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This is my first sewing machine, her name is Ada, named after the lovely old lady who loved her before she became mine on my 7th birthday. I used to hand sew clothes for myself and my dolls, so this was my 7th birthday present so I could make my creations quicker. I spent most of my spare time sewing, cutting up fabrics, making things to wear myself and for many of my stuffed toys. My mother was a great help as she could sew anything, but most of my creations were dreamed up, created as I made them and if they didn't work they were thrown under my bed as unpicking wasn't an option!

This season when I was making the 8th bestowed collection, I designed a pant style that was totally what I wanted to wear. I wanted it to be loose, comfy, super baggy and to have adjustable ties on the side to make them into 3/4 length pants. I played around with old patterns we had from past collections, sampled and did the wear test. After the 3rd day in a row wearing them, they were perfected (a few additions were done) and the most comfy pants ever were born. I wore them out to lunch, to work, did yoga in them and lounged around at night in them.

I felt like I was going back to my roots with this style. When all I thought about when creating it was what I wanted to wear, making it exactly how I wanted it to be, for the pure fun of having something custom made. I just had to go to the cupboard and pull out my trusty old sewing machine to look at her. Ada was a work of art. She has decorative details that sewing machines don't have these days. Details that are there to make it look pretty, no function, just for the beauty.

The ADA Pants come in 3 fabrics this season and 3 sizes. To pick the correct size, measure the widest part of your hips, across the top of your thighs. Then match with the waistband sizing to choose your correct size.

XS/S 97cm, M 104cm, L/XL112cm

The Ada Pant style is a baggy style, with 4 pleats front and back to create more volume. There is a drawcord with a piece of elastic centre back for added comfort. If you like a more fitted pant shape, this is NOT the pant for you. Its designed to be loose, airy and great for warm weather. The ties on the lower leg make them able to be tied up to create a shorter pant. This makes them great for travelling as they become many versions.

Below you can see the current fabrics and some ideas of what to wear with them and what they look like tied up, one leg, both legs etc.

I love them and so have the customers who have already purchased them. I smile when I get a happy Ada pant email.

Enjoy your holidays,